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Benefits of Vinyl Siding


Vinyl provides enduring beauty and design flexibility. Using a variety of siding and soffit styles, colors, accessories and trim, you can update a ranch, add character to a colonial or even recreate a Victorian. Moreover, you can select siding that will be consistent with your home's design and fit into the environment and neighboring homes.


Vinyl is now the number-one siding material available. And for good reason: Nothing beats vinyl siding, accessories and trim for sheer endurance. Unlike many other siding materials, vinyl is impervious to rain, cold, salt and snow.
And vinyl won't rot, peel, dent or show scratches, nor will it ever need painting. A simple soap-and-water rinse once a year is all that's required to remove dirt and maintain the look of freshly painted wood.


Re-siding a home is among the top ten remodeling projects in terms of overall payback and if you reside with vinyl, you can often recoup 100% or more of your investment. Compared with other methods of siding your home, vinyl has them beat hands down when it comes to overall cost. Installation as well as routine maintenance are also minor compared to other methods of siding.

Color, variety, style, value: You get it all with vinyl siding.